Who hasn’t heard for a Yeti before? If anyone still doesn’t know, a Yeti or Abominable Snowman is a mythical creature, which looks like an ape, but is taller than a human. It is believed they inhabit the Himalayan mountain range. Or so they say …

Well, our team for one, doesn’t think it is so mythical at all. Because Yetis have been living in Himalaya for centuries, their ice climbing abilities are beyond compare. This is the main reason we recruited one of them to help us discover and develop the most suitable products. Because, who understands ice, its quality and structure better than a YETI?


YETIICE artificial ice holds are known not only for their realistic and beautiful design, but also for their endurance and safety. Because of the realistic appearance and feel of our ice holds, the only thing that distinguishes it from real ice, is that YETIICE doesn’t melt when climbing indoors. Not only that, One YETIICE hold can withstand up to 5,000 swings with ice tools!

There are two different ways of attaching the YETIICE artificial ice holds. They can be easily screwed on any indoor climbing wall. It can also be screwed on a wooden panel, which can be bolted on any surface. This provides extra security for your wall in case you miss the ice hold when swinging an ice tool. Wooden panels are a part of our offer as accessories.

YETIICE holds are sorted in different collections, based on their design. This is excellent for route setters, who will have an opportunity to show their artistic side by arranging them in different formations.


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